Another amazing Himalayan climb

Michael Summits Ama

After leaving us at Namche, Michael Brownsdon, our Isle of Man man, made the summit of Luboche and then moved on to Ama Dablam. His report below is nothing less than hair raising. Suffice to say,  we are glad to have him back on solid ground…and oh ya…some pretty serious congratulations are in order too!

Quote from Michael’s email: “The Ama Dablam expedition was mixed.  I successfully summited but my partner was too ill (chest infection caught from a sherpa on the LMC trip!).  Unfortunately there was also a tragic accident.  A British climber who was sharing our base camp fell to his death between Camp 1 and Camp 2 on the day I summited.  I spent the 3 days above base camp terrified (even before I found out about the accident).  Some anchors are shot and it almost seems pot luck which rope to use.  I had a snow shelf collapse beneath me leaving me dangling off the side of the mountain and I pulled a snow stake out whilst abseiling (rappelling). Beautiful mountain to look at, very scary mountain to climb!”


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