Another amazing Himalayan climb


Trekking up the Hinku Valley, we moved through small settlements, eventually reaching Khare at about 5000 meters.  The massive faces of Mera and other peaks completely surround us. Avalanches from the ice falls up above rumble into the valley as a constant reminder of the awesome power of nature contained in these peaks. Khare is the last settlement before the climb into Mera La (pass) and heading for the summit. Our whole team trekked up into Mera La and back to Khare, just to help adjust to the altitude and as a high point for Kim and Susan who are headed back toward Lukla and eventually, India.

I did not feel well in the 5400 meter Mera La so decided not to try for the summit. Later it became apparent that my lack of energy was related to a sinus infection, not altitude sickness as feared.  In any case, climbing another 1000 meters was not a good idea. Alex and Michael went on up to high camp at 5800 meters and the summit at 6500 meters. summit photos will be posted later, once I have them.

By the time they made it to camp, down at 4400 meters, it was clear that both were completely knackered but otherwise happy and healthy. Both recovered very quickly, soup being the heal all.


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