Another amazing Himalayan climb

Monday Oct 17 Update

We are at Khara, just below 5000 meters getting ready to climb Mera. Over the last few days we’ve crossed a high pass to enter the Inku River Valley.We’ve stayed in several small villages who’s main industry is severing trekkers providing lodging and plot locations. We’ve been blessed by a Buddhist lama who lives in a monastery under (couldn’t make our the word the signal faded for a second but it  sounded like a rock haha)We’ve watched a avalanche plummet from a high peak into the valley and climbed 5450 meters into Mera La in preparation for the 2 day effort to climb Mera beginning tomorrow. Kim and Stephen leave us tomorrow also heading toward Lukla, Kathmandu, andIndia. All the arrangements are working out well so far and everyone has stayed healthy and strong throughout. With Susan and Kim leaving, Alex Michael and I begin the next phase of our expedition with the Mera climb then dropping down into the Honku River Valley for our remote trek towards Baruntse base camp. Look for a update in about 5 or 6 days from Baruntse base camp. That’s it for now from the Nepal Himalaya.


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