Another amazing Himalayan climb

Expedition off to a perfect start!

In Kathmandu and Lukla all the arrangements worked very well. Our outfitter’s were ready for us and we’ve made a great start. Perfect weather sometimes with cloud but always with sun. We’ve been having great days hiking. We are just getting ready to cross a pass of 4300 metres and that will move us into the Hinku valley and will be approaching Mera peak for a climb. Our route has been through villages with terraces and remarkable jungles with rhododendron. It’s extremely beautiful. Our sherpa team has been terrific fixing good meals for us and everybody is in good spirit so we are really off to a good start. Michael Brownsdon our English friend, actually from the Isle of Man has proven to be a really great team-mate and we enjoy having him with us. Everybody is doing very well, no problems whatsoever so far. We’re getting ready to have a beautiful cloudless night and a big hike in the morning over that high pass. That’s our update for Wednesday Oct 12th and we will be calling again in a few days.


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