Another amazing Himalayan climb

Don’t Confuse Me with the Details

I remember playing tackle football as a child. When someone was taken down, there was a rush toward “piling on”. Don’t let yourself get caught at the bottom of the pile. Now just 3 weeks away from departing for Kathmandu, little details are “piling on”. The length of the gear list seems to have grown as those items have to be accounted for and sorted into loads. How many tents do we need? What are we eating above base camp? How are we getting our payments to our outfitter? Which hotel are we using in Kathmandu? How will I ever get inside the baggage restrictions? What’s in our first aid kit anyway? Is there any chance of improving my fitness over the next three weeks? Do I need more tunes on my IPOD? What arrangements do I need to make at home before I leave?

You get the idea. The expedition is now intruding into everyday life. But all the team members are on it and we can expect to have ourselves properly equipped and ready for the Oct. 4 departure. I wonder how long it will take for one of us to say…”Damn, I forgot my???”


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